Love Calendar ©

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This lovely Love Calendar brings joy and passion into relationships. 12 different task helps you to increase intimacy and strenghten your relationship.

Love Calendar helps you to choose kind words, find you shared dreams, organize nice surprises and spend intimate moments with your loved one. You can for example choose a love song to dance to and you will receive a love letter from your partner. There is a task for each month, but feel free to do the tasks whenever you want!

Sweet gift to give to a couple getting married or couple getting engaged!


Sometimes love is buried under our busy lifestyles. It is relatively easy to fall in love, but it requires willingness and decisions to really love each other. Love means small actions: words that are said, touching each other and being present. The feeling that you are good enough and lovable just the way you are!

With love calendar you can start conversations and find easy way to bring joy to your relationship.

Calendar will be send as a letter by Finnish Posti.


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